Introducing our Newest Product, KRUSE™

Our softest ejector from Monroe Rubber and Plastic to date!

Monroe Rubber and Plastic has released a new product, KRUSE™ (Kwik Response Ultra Soft Ejector), our softest product to date from Monroe. It is the ideal solution for full coverage dies and pull strips. There has been a void recently in the market for an ultra-soft ejector with fast action that can be used across an entire die and not risk denting the product or adding tonnage to a press. For cross corrugated or extremely thin stock that requires full coverage to reduce wrinkling, KRUSE could be your answer.

Request a sample.  |  Download the sell sheet here.

a flat die with kruse and green grilla die ejectors
KRUSE is Monroe Robber and Plastic’s newest die ejector offering ultra-soft ejection.


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