Stop Crushed Board Before It Happens

Die ejection elastomers from Monroe Rubber and Plastic are specifically engineered, manufactured, tested, and proven to increase speed, extend die life, and prevent crush where necessary in all die applications.

When it comes to recycled board, we recommend the following products to prevent crush:

10000 Series

The challenges with recycled board continue to push us to develop products to meet your required standards. Up until now, our 22000 and 12000 Series have been the perfect pairing, but we weren’t satisfied. We wanted one product that did it all– crush-free product ejection, good scrap elimination, and at a low cost.

10000 SeriesOur 10000 Series die ejection elastomer is made specifically for recycled corrugated board. It’s our go-to product when matched with the 22000 Series for scrap ejection.

  • Slightly softer than 12000
  • Priced lower than 12000
  • Fast rebound
  • Multiple colors available

Click here to learn more about the 10000 Series.



MR50 is an excellent solution for product ejection when fragile laminates are on the corrugated, or when the 10000 Series is too much. Our market is rapidly changing, as are the products being die cut. That’s why we focus solely on die ejection, working hard to stay ahead of your needs so we always have a solution ready.

mr50 product ejectionOur MR50 is the ideal ejector for soft, heavily recycled corrugated products. When everything else dents the product, MR50 is the perfect solution.

  • Ideal for recycled corrugated
  • Primarily used in rotary die applications
  • Sheet size: 22 x 42″

Click here to learn more about MR50.



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