corrugated boards

Die ejection elastomers from Monroe Rubber and Plastic are specifically engineered, manufactured, tested, and proven to increase speed, extend die life, and prevent crush where necessary in all die applications. When it comes to recycled board, we recommend the following…

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THE MOST FORGIVING PRODUCT AVAILABLE TODAY FOR CHALLENGING JOBS WHERE CRUSH IS A CONCERN. Closed cell rubber is made up of…well…closed cells or in other words, bubbles. When on a die and it compresses through the nip, many of the…

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History of Monroe Rubber & Plastic

The Advancements of Monroe Rubber & Plastic Through The Years

Monroe Rubber & Plastic Supply Co. started in business over forty years ago at a time when the original company was an industrial supply house and the owner, Dan Valmassei saw the potential to branch out into another business venture….

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It Aint The Old Diemakers Rubber Anymore

Polyurethane: It ain’t the old diemakers rubber anymore. It is no secret the manufacturers of die cutting equipment are on a full out mission to create die cutting machines that are faster and more accurate than anything from the past….

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